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2: Depth Charge


4 player offensive attack with concentration of width and depth.

Good tempo and flow.

Tape to tape passing.


X2 starts the drill by forward skating toward X1. X2 then pivots backwards and receives pass from X1.

X2 then skates laterally across for exchange with X3. X2 either drop-passes or keeps puck, depending on pressure. If there is a lot of pressure by coach, X3 should run a screen while X2 keeps puck.

X1 and X4 exchange positions at different depths (accelerate through middle).

Rotation after shot is clockwise.

After each shot, there should be 2 backcheckers.

Key Teaching Points

Timing, depth, width, accelerate through the middle.

Be sure someone is left high for outlet or turnover.


  • Add pressure -- 4 on 2, 4 on 3, 4 on 4 (passive or aggressive).
  • Leave pucks in corner for regroup and second wave of attack.