7: Ice Melts


Accelerate hard to open space.


X1 and X2 start at same time and do tight turn around face-off dots, coach passes to either player (to X1 is shown in diagram).

X1 must skate hard around 2nd pylon before making pass.

X2 sees that the pass is made to X1 and then breaks hard up the middle for "break-away" pass.

Key Teaching Points

X1 and X2 must be ready for pass from coach.

Player away from puck must breakout to open space.

X1 follows up the play and they both backcheck hard back (along the boards).


  • Add defense.
  • Add 3rd forward (X3) as an outlet -- give and go with either X1 or X2.
  • Allow players to be creative.
  • Skate pylon pattern backwards.