4: Identify & Read


To learn when to "run and gun" offensively or to play control.


X1, D1, and D2 are the defensive team.

X2, X3, and X4 are the offensive team.

X2 curls behind the net to puck up puck to begin the attack at the other end.

X1 becomes back checker after X2 has picked up puck and has gone by.

In this situation, X2, X3, and X4 must identify early that they have the defensive team outnumbered -- attack as quickly as possible for good quality scoring opportunity.

D1 and D2 must identify early that they are outnumbered (but have a back checker coming). D1 and C2 must try to delay as long as possible.

X1 (back checker) must work hard to get back and pick up the closest offensive player.


  • X3 or X4 can start the drill by going behind the net.
  • Go both ways behind the net.
  • Add 2 back checkers and one more offensive player.