3: Pappas Swing Drill


Passing and receiving in motion.

Timing of acceleration to open space.


X1 and X2 start drill with puck in slot area.

On whistle, X1 and X2 take shot on goalie to start drill.

After shot, X1 and X2 retrieve puck at side of net for pass to X3 and X4 respectively.

X3 and X4 must time when to release from boards, swing to middle, pivot and face passer.

X5 and X6 must time their release from centre group to swing towards boards, pivot and face passer.

Once X5 and X6 receive pass, they pivot forward and take shot on net.

After shot, they retrieve puck at side of net and drill repeats.

Key Teaching Points

Timing, face passer, give good passing target, swing wide.

After shot, retrieve puck.


  • Switch sides.
  • Deke goalie or score on backhand.
  • Add passer at side of net for option of pass or shot.