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1: Gallace Pass


To have goalies receive pass, make pass then set up for shot.


X1 and X2 start at the same time.

X1 and X2 skate with puck to red line and pass to goalie (goalie should be in ready stand -- not waiting for the puck).

X1 and X2 stay wide until goalie has full control of puck, then they accelerate through the middle the the return pass.

After return pass, X1 and X2 skate hard with puck to the end they started at for a shot on net.

Key Teaching Points

Forwards stay wide until goalie has control.

Accelerate through the middle giving goalie a good passing target.

Goalie must make good solid passes.


  • Forwards accelerate through the middle and pivot backwards for return pass, then pivot forward for shot at the other end.
  • Use 2 forwards from both ends, goalie must make a choice for pass, forwards should create width and depth.